Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Where can I get the Talk2 app?

The Talk2 app can be downloaded for FREE on Google Play Store for Android and on iTunes App Store for iOS. Simply search for "Talk2" and look the for Talk2 app by Voyager Innovation Inc.

Google Play Store
iOS App Store
Voyager Innovations

What devices work with Talk2?

Talk2 is compatible on phone/tablet on Android 4.1 and up, and on iOS 8 and up.

What services are offered by Talk2?

Talk2 features include Voice Calls and SMS to and from mobile subscribers of Philippine mobile numbers and Talk2 can be used for app-to-app (Talk2 to Talk2). Please check Talk2 app frequently for other exciting features.

Is an internet required when using Talk2?

Yes. The Talk2 app should have an internet connection in order for you to enjoy outgoing and incoming calls and SMS to and from Philippine mobile numbers.

What makes the Talk2 app different?

With Talk2, you get a Philippine mobile number for free, with the simplicity of an app. You can send and receive SMS for free and receive unlimited calls like you never left home. Finally, you can call to Philippine mobile numbers at the most affordable rates!

How does the Talk2 mobile app work?

Simply download from Google Play Store or Itunes App store and register. You'll be assigned your very own Philippine number within seconds!

Google Play Store
iOS App Store

Is the registration for a Talk2 mobile account free?

Yes. Upon registration, you also get a Philippine mobile number for free.

What's my Talk2 number and what do I need it for?

Your Talk2 number will be used by your friends and family to contact you just like any other Philippine mobile number.


What is the Juan-to-Juan SMS Program?

It is Talk2's newest program that replaces the Free SMS per month system with a "1-to-1" conversion of texts to allow Talk2 users to receive to Free SMS. Basically, with every text sent to your unique Talk2 number by any PH Allnet (Smart, Sun, TnT, or Globe) number, your Talk2 account immediately gets 1 Free SMS!

This ensures that every user will be able to immediately reply to any message sent by your families and friends at home, even from across the globe.

What are the benefits of this program?

Previously, Talk2 has been providing its users with 10 Free SMS per month, or 20 Free SMS per month for users that have linked their Talk2 account to Facebook.

With the new Juan-to-Juan SMS program, each Talk2 user can now collect more Free SMS daily instead of monthly! Each SMS usable for an entire 24 hours. Be sure to take note of the expiry your FREE SMS, or better yet, use it to text someone right away!

Does this program completely replace the previous one with monthly Free SMS?

Yes. The more texts from Trinet numbers your Talk2 gets, the more Free SMS you receive, so keep those conversations going!

When can I avail of this program?

This program is for all Talk2 users, and each user immediately avails of the program when any Smart, Sun, TnT or Globe number texts their Talk2 Philippine number, unless:

  • You have existing Talk Voice Package (or remaining unused call minutes).
  • You have not consumed the latest SMS package you've purchased.
  • You have not consumed the 10 Free SMS you received when you registered, or the 20 Free SMS you received when linking your Talk2 to Facebook.

If that's the case, please consume the remaining SMS and voice package you have to participate in this program.

Who can I text with my Free SMS?

You may use your Free SMS to text any Philippine number, as long as you use it within its 24 hour period of validity.

Until when can I use my Free SMS?

Each individual Free SMS is usable for a period of 24 hours, starting from the time that the Talk2 number receives the text from an Allnet (Smart, Sun, TnT or Globe) number.

Example: Talk2 user gets a text from an Allnet number at 10pm, then the Free SMS he/she gets will expire at 10pm on the next day.

Please take note of the expiry times of your Free SMS! If you're not sure, just check the conversation to see what time the text from the Trinet number was received.

What other ways can I get Free SMS from Talk2, aside from the Juan-to-Juan SMS Program?

Each new user, of course, gets 10 Free SMS as a thank-you for joining the Talk2 Family.

Apart from that and this program, users may still get 20 Free SMS by linking your Talk2 account to Facebook, through the button under the "MORE" tab of your Talk2 account bar.

However, please note that as long as you have an active call or text package, or still have Free SMS remaining, you will not be able to participate in the Juan to Juan SMS Program.

General Questions

I'm changing to a new Apple / Android phone, can I continue using my Talk2 number and keep my credits?

Yes. Simply download the Talk2 App on your new Android phone, then enter the same mobile number that you used to get your Talk2 number. Your Talk2 credit will be retained as well. However, note that if you register using a different mobile number, you will be assigned a different Talk2 number.

Can I use my Talk2 account simultaneously in two different devices?


Until when can I keep my assigned Philippine number?

Your Talk2 number will remain active for as long as it has credits, or as long as it is being used.

Can I use the Talk2 mobile app in calling International lines?

Not at the moment. Talk2 currently supports calls and SMS to all Philippine mobile numbers.

If I have the Talk2 mobile app, can I receive calls or messages from a non-Talk2 App user?

Yes, if you are using the Talk2 mobile app, you can receive calls or messages from major Telco providers in the Philippines.

How will I know if my Talk2 App is active and ready to receive calls and text messages?

To ensure that your Talk2 App is active and ready to receive call and SMS, Tap on the Talk2 app's main menu and click check balance

Should I use the native phone dialpad or the Talk2 dialpad?

Always use the Talk2 dialpad when using Talk2 to call or send messages to ensure you benefit from Talk2 packages.

Can I call any of my contacts that do not have the Talk2 App?

Yes. With Talk2, you can call any of your Philippine contacts who use Smart, Talk 'N Text, Sun and other major Telco providers.

How do I import my mobile contacts to my Talk2 account?

All your mobile contacts will be imported automatically in your Talk2 account.

Can I use the Talk2 App on smartphones provided by other Telco providers?


How can I use group chat, rich messaging and online calling?

With the new version, you can call, chat, and send multimedia to Talk2 users for FREE! Simply make sure that you and your contacts have the latest app version.

How do I know if my contact is a Talk2 user also?

In your Talk2 contact list, you will see Talk2's icon beside his or her name. This signifies that he/she is also a Talk2 user. From there, you can chat and call for FREE!

How can I call a Talk2 user?

If your contact is also a Talk2 user, you may call and message each other for free. Simply tap on his/her name on your address book and tap on the call or message button.

Can I still call a non-Talk2 user?

Yes, this is similar to the previous version of Talk2. If your contact is not a Talk2 user, the call will go to his regular mobile number which will require Talk2 call credits.

How can I start a group chat?

Simply tap on "Contacts” then "Group” then the "Add” or "+” icon. You may then select multiple contacts who are Talk2 users.

Can I send photos to non-Talk2 users?

No you can't. It is only possible to send photos and multimedia attachments to Talk2 users only.

Who can I contact for inquiries and assistance?

You may contact for inquiries.